Short Sleeve Flannel Asymmetrical Hoodie Nelti C. 'Enfant de la Street' (Men)

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This soft hoodie is crafted with two different fabrics:
100% cotton main part designing with a raw plaid flannel bend of black, white and grey squares printed all over. We made a double layer of polyester and spandex to make silk effect from the inside (Black colour). Short and large sleeve arriving about the elbow to make a baggy effect. We cutting to have an asymmetrical and curved effect to enhance the style of Skinny jeans lovers. Open hoodie perfect for summertime, this could be used as outerwear for fashion lovers.
To keep our identity, Big Frenglish statement (French + English) ‘Enfant de la Street’ is printed in white at the back of the item.
30ºC Machine washable and behind or dry clean is recommended.
(Enfant de la Street) in Frenglish / (Child of the Street) in English / (Enfant de la Rue) in French

Body Length (cm) 82 85 87