Large Red T-shirt Boyfriend Style Nelti C. 'Prends le Easy' (Women)

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Nelti C.'s women large red T-shirt with a white statement ‘Take it easy’ printed in a Frenglish manner (French + English) = ‘Prends le Easy’.

Crafted with 100% cotton material to have a regular size but give a large boyfriend stylish effect like you were wearing your man’s clothes. With a women finish cut our T-shirt will have a suitable fit for the best experience.

30ºC Machine washable and behind or dry clean is recommended.

(Prends le Easy) in Frenglish / (Take it Easy) in English / (Reste cool / Prends le relax) in French

SIZE CHART Body Length (cm) Bust (cm) Sleeve Length (cm)
S 66 92 12
M 69 96 13
L 72 98 14
XL 73 102 15