Asymmetrical Hooded Jacket 'Prends le Easy' Nelti C. (Women)

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The hoodie is crafted from a 100% superior quality cotton with no details left to chance, this black hoodie featured white statement 'Take it easy' printed to make a long band at the end of the sweater in a Frenglish manner (French + English) = ‘Prends le Easy’. Designing for men and women as a boxing hoodie with the long and asymmetrical shape at the bottom end which makes it fit any kind of shape and enhance your style. Open hoodie perfect all over the year, this could be used as outerwear or under a coat to add the little touch in your style for all fashion lovers.

Change your way to see fashion and be unique in your Frenglish brand Nelti C. London.

30ºC Machine washable and behind or dry clean is recommended.

(Prends le Easy) in Frenglish / (Take it Easy) in English / (Reste cool / Prends le relax) in French

Profile length 77 cm 80 cm 83 cm
Sleeve length 61 cm 62 cm 64 cm