Big Front Pocket Fleece Jumper 'Enfant de la Street' Nelti C. (Men)

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This jumper is crafted from 100% polyester fleece fabric to bring the wearer a very warm comfort during winter time and utilising very slight spandex blend to make it as comfy as possible.
This fleece jumper has been designing to enhance your style whilst keeping you warm. Featuring a black forearm sleeve and white from elbow to shoulder. The Jumper is white with a black collar and big black front pocket. Small statement ‘Child of the Street’ printed in a Frenglish manner (French + English) = ‘Enfant de la Street’ as a logo on the left side of the chest and small logo “Nelti C. London” printed on the sleeve right.
30ºC Machine washable and behind or dry clean is recommended.
(Enfant de la Street) in Frenglish / (Child of the Street) in English / (Enfant de la Rue) in French

SIZE CHART Body Length(cm) Bust (cm) Cross Shoulder(cm) Sleeve Length (cm)
XS 65 96 46 65
S 66 102 46 66
M 67 106 47 67
L 68 108 48 68
XL 69 110 50 70