About us

Contemporary casualwear and streetwear British brand with a little touch of French charm with a Frenglish concept. Collections are both for men and women.

Nelti Creations has been created by a young Parisian girl freshly arrived in London.

Loving the English culture but also staying attached to her own, she decided to launch her concept "Frenglish" with a mix of French and English play on words.

Nelti Creations has started three fun and creative t-shirts collections.

  • Too Much... Mon Quotidien
  • Prends le Easy
  • Enfant de la Street

Now, the company has enlarged these collections with sweatshirts, jackets, blouse, tracksuits, and joggers with 2 additional slogans: 

  • Belle & Beautiful
  • Longue Story

Focus on customers, we are a one-stop shop for trendy fashion people.

We are also present on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, where we share our fashion vision and our customers’ experience.