T-shirt Dress Nelti C. 'Too Much... Mon Quotidien' (Women)

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Nelti C.'s black T-shirt dress features a white silk screen printing background band with the black statement ‘Too Much… Mon Quotidien’. Featuring a curved finish at the end of the dress with a really short sleeve to make it fit perfectly sexy and classy. Our T-shirt has been manufactured to have a regular size and tight fit with 100% cotton materials which give it a comfy feel for your sensitive skin.

30ºC Machine washable and behind or dry clean is recommended.

Statement ‘Too Much… Mon Quotidien’ just means showing off. We define ‘Too Much’ as the new definition of perfection and style. Perfect for people who like to show off their lifestyle, living a wild, extravagant and exciting life.

SIZE CHART Body Length (cm) Bust (cm) Sleeve Length (cm)
S 84 90 12
M 84 94 13
L 86 98 14
XL 87 102 14,5

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