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Today is the launch of Nelti Creations’ blog, therefore nothing better than starting from the beginning.

This article will be the continuity of NELTI C. website under “about us” where I will present myself and what I am interested in. Also, I will explain why I started a business in fashion retail and the beginning of the brand. What Nelti C. is about and where the ‘Frenglish’ concept comes from? Why did I choose to name the brand Nelti Creations? And what can you expect for the next models and collections?

This will be the first time in my life that I am writing an article. So, I won’t lie if I told you that I am afraid of this new experience and excited at the same time …
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My name is Ophélie, I am French living in the UK for more than 2 years.

Firstly, let’s go back in August 2013 when I visited London for the first time. That was one of the most incredible experiences that I ever had. Loving each part of the city of dreams and his culture mixed with others from everywhere around the world that makes London one of the most wonderful city. (Of course, if you forget the transport passengers’ nervousness during the rush time and unfinishable traffic due to its overcrowding and small roads.)

British people are very nice and like to party, take drinks in pubs after work and not only the weekend! This is a fun lifestyle and I enjoy it. You can meet people every day and that is so amazing.
Londoner's spirit has something that I could not find in Paris and this is why one month after my visit I decided to ditch everything in France (work, school, family and friends) to move here.
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The beginning wasn’t easy as I left my job in Human Resources for a job in McDonald’s three timeless well paid and a rent that double what I used to pay in France. A lot of people would say that is a very bad decision I made but I was feeling much better inwardly and was happy to live this experience with my boyfriend. Yes, I have a boyfriend for more than 7 years now! I met him I was 17 and now I am 24 and still in love as the first time. He is my business partner into bracket.

He is one of the most important people in my life with who I can share my hobbies such as watch TV shows; restaurants (I am crazy about Leon de Bruxelles), dance, gym, going out in London and obviously annoy him with all my magazines (Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan are my favorites).
After one year in London, I decided to finish my studies by initiating an MBA at the London School of Commerce. This year was decisive for me, as it developed my entrepreneurial spirit. Before the end of this MBA program, my ‘man’ and I decided to launch Nelti Creations in spite we knew that this is a very competitive sector. I was determined to do it, as I have always been interested in fashion and urban since my earliest childhood. “Enjoy what you do” is my philosophy and I have always wished to run my own business, to have my own brand. My partner brought me some saving and told me it was time to get to work. We didn’t have a lot of funds but it was enough to start something really small with only five tees, so Nelti Creations begun.
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We decided to start with simple t-shirts because of the lack of fund and we are still trying to make our audience with this 5 t-shirts. I say still! Oh yeah, that’s because Nelti C. born on the 1st August 2015 and start the business in September (less than 3 months). Yes, it is difficult but I have so much fun to do it and for the beginning of December I am happy to tell that new products will come out and join our range.
Just have a look on our website Nelti C. and leave me some feedback. All these new products will follow the “Frenglish” concept, as it is the brand touch.
Frenglish Franglais Nelti Creations Urban STreetwear Brand London
Nelti C. is all about “Frenglish” (French and English), after all, I was born in France and I have adopted the English culture. But let’s talk about the real reason why I have used this concept. ‘Frenglish’ concept comes from the fact that when I came in London, my English was not very good so I have naturally mixed English with my native language to communicate with people, better to say that it didn’t work. I also used to do the same when I spoke in French by adding some English words. In the beginning, it was just a joke that becomes increasingly common in my speaking and this concept came up in mind every time I made a sketch. My wish to do the “Frenglish” concept has been created by my lack of vocabulary. Sad to say but true, lol!

We choose Nelti Creations as the name instead of ‘Frenglish Clothing’ because “Nelti C.” means:

Nelti – Tinel – Martinel
for Charlotte
Charlotte Martinel, this is me… Martinel is my family name and Charlotte my second name.

Last but not least, 6 new models should come out before the end of this year including sweatshirts, shirts, and jackets. A model for special Valentine’s Day comes out too, don’t miss it out!

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